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Introducing Aussie of Denver: Jan Baer

“I visited [Colorado] as a tourist on my travels and was drawn to this state because of its magnificent beauty, skiing, outdoor adventures, and scenery”. From Melbourne, Australia, to Denver, Colorado. A 10-month excursion was all it took for Jan Baer, also known as Janno, to make the brave decision to move halfway around the world by herself and create a new life for herself. All she had was a large backpack, some cash, and an AMEX card…

Luckily moving into Denver was quite easy with the help of a friend that she met whilst traveling in Europe. They were kind enough to help with accommodation, transportation as well as orientation. Besides that, Baer was able to make Denver a home very quickly. Regardless, being away from family was not easy (or the ‘tyranny of distance’ as she puts it) especially when the pandemic hit but before all that hit, she would always try to travel back to Australia once a year. Whilst her family was several thousand miles away, she was able to start her own family with her husband, David, and their son, Harrison. They both become her greatest joy.

In the time that she was in Denver, she never felt unwelcomed despite being an immigrant and was welcomed warmly by those she surrounded herself with. She worked as a registered nurse at Denver Health in this beautiful state. Jan has maintained her nursing license through three decades of proven success in patient care, healthcare IT, healthcare business sales & operating her own Healthcare IT recruiting company.

Jan later went into the real estate industry and created Baer Realty LLC with her husband and son in the past 15 years. They recognise that helping people find the perfect home is an important decision for finding that perfect place to accommodate their lifestyle. And this clearly shows as they were able to achieve ‘Winning 2021 Real Estate Agent of the Year for the Mountain Region’ which was based upon 5-star reviews and verified testimonials.

The opportunities that have opened for her since she became self-employed meant that Jan was able to become financially independent. It allowed her the chance to have the freedom to travel when she wanted and work around her own personal schedule. The one thing that helped achieve her dreams and goals was maintaining her balance between work and life.

“Business is truly like a Boomerang, in life what you give out to others shall come back to you over and over again”.

To those that may potentially be thinking about moving to a different country, Jan’s advice is “to network and reach out to any and all contacts they may have in the USA and to join groups”. Social media is such a prevalent and powerful source when wanting to make connections. And for those who are native to their area or country, be considerate to those that are immigrants. “Welcome them with open arms and hospitality. It’s the Boomerang of Life, and Goodwill to all people. Be Kind, you won’t regret it. Be Adaptable, Be Kind and Friendly.”

Check out a few words from Jan, who is a long-term supporter of the AUSDenver community and she has been actively using her resources to help identify support and housing for the victims of the Marshall fires. We are so honored to have her in our community.

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